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Parque Nacional Natural Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta

Forced into the highlands for centuries by conquistadores, settlers and the coca wars, the Arhuaco indigenous community has recently returned to their ancestral lands and sacred sites at the Caribbean shores of La Lengüete.

Here, they are initiating the revival of a rare cacao bean that almost became extinct hundreds of years ago when outsiders mistakenly thought the extremely rare white cacao bean was infected and cut the trees. Luckily, some old cacao trees survived in the shade of the wilderness and the Arhuacos recently started to harvest their precious cacaos again. One they named “Businchari” which means “new beginning” – and that’s exactly how they view their recent return to the sacred sites and traditions.

The revival of a rare cacao bean

With ecosystems ranging from coral reefs to rainforests to snow-clad mountains, the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta in Northern Colombia provides a habitat for outstanding biodiversity. Forty-four endangered animal species are found here – some of which are found nowhere else on Earth, like the critically endangered Cotton-top Tamarin and the Sapphire-Bellied Hummingbird. The shore of La Lengüete, in the heart of the Arhuacos ancestral land, is a crucial nesting site for the endangered green turtle.

In the extremely water-rich region 35 river basins emerge from the mountains, running into more than 700 rivers that provide clean water to millions of people in the lowlands. Sadly, land grabbing, deforestation, illegal mining, slash-&-burn agriculture and hydroelectric dams continue to pose a threat to the area’s wildlife and water sources.

A new beginning for an ancient cacao

“Businchari” means “new beginning”

In partnership with the Arhuaco tribe council, Cacao de Colombia and the local forest agency, Original Beans supports the preservation of the acutely rare Bunsinchari cacao and its rainforest home. Together we empower the Arhuaco tribe to make a better living with ultra-premium and forest-friendly cacao, while protecting one of the most biologically diverse rainforests on our Earth.

We help plant cacao forests that will function as buffer zones and provide a sustainable land use model for the Arhuaco on the forest frontier. Furthermore, we support the tribe by providing training in cultivating cacao, drying and fermentation techniques.

With your purchase of Arhuaco Businchari you support us and also provide the means to plant or preserve a tree in the Arhuaco ancestral lands!

“For the Arhuaco tribe Sierra Nevada is the “heart of the world” which keeps the earth in balance.”

Hernan Villafaña, Arhuaco Cacao leader

Arhuaco Businchari

Harmonious Dark Chocolate

Heights of sweet spice, liquorice and sesame rise gently in this ultra rare chocolate made according to ancient Arhuaco tribal traditions that are designed to maintain the world’s natural harmony.


70 g
Cacao percentage
Bean Origin
Businchari, Colombia
Ultra rare, Tribal
Gluten Free, Organic
Help Farmers


cacao mass, organic cane sugar




Heights of sweet spice, liquorice and sesame rise gently

Average Nutritional Values

Colombia Arhuaco Businchari
Dark chocolate
Per 100g

Energy: 2402 kJ / 574 kcal
Fat: 46g
Thereof Saturated fat: 28g
Carbohydrate: 31g
Thereof Sugars: 17g
Dietary Fibre: 15g
Protein: 9g
Salt: 0.03g
Iron:	20mg

Awards & Certifications

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