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Original Beans was founded on a passion for making fine chocolate from rare cacao varietals, a belief that we must replenish what we consume and a desire to be at the forefront of sustainable business practices.

We are proud and gratified that our founding principles are a daily reality.

Our projects

We work exclusively in the world’s biodiversity hotspots with the goal of preserving them

Our passion has led us to protect endangered wildlife, triple farmer incomes, build one of the first climate-positive supply chain, and offer garden compostable chocolate packaging.


Chocolate footprint

To measure our success in implementing sustainable solutions throughout our entire supply chain, and thereby our success in linking indigenous cacao growers to environmentally conscious consumers, we have established a monitoring and evaluation (M&E) system in collaboration with PricewaterhouseCoopers and CarbonRoots.

To assess our progress towards a set of overall goals we use key performance indicators (KPIs) which we measure locally, aggregate and report to you.

Footprint 2016

Our sustainability goals

Goal #1
Make the Best Chocolate

Goal #2
Restore Our Climate


Goal #3
Protect Biological Diversity

Our uniquely integrated supply chain
make our projects possible

Awards & Certifications

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