In an effort to safeguard the astonishing biodiversity of Udzungwa Mountain National Park, Original Beans partners with the Southern Tanzania Elephant Program (STEP). Together, we install beehive fences around the farmers’ fields. Elephants fear bees and the hives installed around the fields therefore deter them from trampling over crops. At the same time, the honey gathered creates an additional source of income for the farmers.

The Udzungwa Mountain National Park is a natural wonderland and the second most biodiverse national park in Africa. Elephants roam freely in the woods. The highly endangered Udzungwa Red Colobus and Sanje Crested Mangabey live together.

Smallholders near the park grow quality cacao, but the production and prices have traditionally been low. Kokoa Kamili has recently developed a cacao infrastructure that connects local cacao smallholders to Original Beans and the high-end chocolate market, while promoting sustainable cacao farming and agroforestry practices that protect and create buffer zones in the vulnerable landscape.