Beef fillet with Grand Cru Blend sauce

Serves: x Chocolate used:
Grand Cru Blend No.1
Difficulty: You're a chef now
Preparation time: 30 minutes and up

  1. First to make the juice. Boil beef stock with chocolate pieces and a dash of red wine. The mixture should not be syrupy in consistency, which can be monitored through the bubbles appearing during boiling. Keep warm.
  2. Grate hard-boiling potatoes with a grater into very thin strips. Wrap the strips with a kitchen towel and wring out by screwing the ends of the towel. The towel will be wet while the potato strips should be quite dry. Together with the fine, de-oiled cocoa powder, the potato strips are placed in a bowl and turnt over several times for 20 minutes. The finished potato strips are fried at about 180 C just before serving and thereafter drained on a paper towel.
  3. Cook chestnuts, then add the cream and bring to the boil. Mash the chestnut-cream mixture with a potato masher or a fork, then briefly puree with a hand blender and sieve it through a very fine sieve (use enough cream and do not puree for too long). The mass should be a solid cream. Season with salt, pepper, nutmeg and a few drops of Amaretto (keep to a few drops). Keep warm. Peel pumpkin and cut into about 0.5 cm thin rectangular pieces. Poach in salt water (at 80°C) to allow pumpkin pieces to stay relatively firm.
  4. Portion the beef into pieces of a same size and thinly rub them with balsamic vinegar, followed by a little salt (Maillard!). Fry the meat in a frying pan with some olive oil while preparing the potatoes strips. Heat olive oil in the pan and brown the meat fast on both sides. Those of you who have a reasonable pan which stores residual heat, the meat can be left to draw until the core temperature reaches 52°C.

Serving suggestion: Place a piece of pumpkin on the plate, then squeeze some of the chestnut cream on top and finish with another piece of pumpkin, consequently sandwiching the chestnut cream. Pour the red wine-chocolate sauce over the pumpkin artwork and finally place the beef and potatoe strips on top of it all. Season with some salt. Voila!

All credits belong to Tobias Sudhoff.


Chocolate juice:

Original Beans Grand Cru Blend 80%
Beef stock
Red wine
Cocoa-Potato straw:

Cocoa powder, de-oiled

Single Cream
Salt and pepper

beef fillet
Aceto balsamico
Fleur de Sel

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