Hot chocolate with Original Beans

Serves: 1 Chocolate used:
Cru Virunga
Femmes de Virunga
Piura Porcelana
Difficulty: Easy
Preparation time: 10 minutes

  1. Choose an appropriate sized milk jug. Note that the volume of the milk will double in the process. Put the buttons and milk in the jug. Heat and mix the two thoroughly. Do not overheat the milk to prevent from burning the milk proteins.
  2. The hot chocolate is ready when the volume has doubled and no chocolate is left at the bottom of the jug. Serve in preheated cups and enjoy!
  3. For added flavour, consider using a very small amount of pepper or grated candied orange peel

Tip: Use Cru Virunga for deep chocolaty taste, Piura Porcelana for a fruity taste or Femmes de Virunga for a milky version. Cru Virunga is nice with a very small amount of pepper or grated candied orange peel.  Grated dried mango or papaya fits to Piura, cinnamon or salt to Femmes de Virunga.



35g Original Beans Chef’s Buttons

180ml milk (whole milk or vegan choice of soy, rice etc.)

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