Pumpkin Chuncho Chip Cookies

Serves: 4 Chocolate used:
Cusco Chuncho
Difficulty: Easy
Preparation time: 20 minutes

  1. Combine all ingredients with an electric hand mixer until a smooth batter has formed.
  2. Then drop by spoonful on greased baking sheet (or simply baking sheet with parchment paper) and bake for about 15 – 25 minutes at 175° C. The consistency of the cookies becomes slightly tougher once they are out of the oven and cooling down.

1 ½ cups canned or purreed pumpkin

250g (thick) honey or maple syrup

400g wheatflour

1 egg

125g vegetable oil

2 ½ teaspoons baking powder

2 teaspoons cinnamon

1 teaspoon vanilla extract

½ teaspoon salt

140g Original Beans Cusco Chuncho 100% chocolate

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