Crêpes with Chocolate Walnut Ice Cream

Serves: Chocolate used:
Cru Udzungwa
Difficulty: Moderate
Preparation time: 30 minutes and up


The Ice Cream

  1. Heat up the milk, pour it over the Original Beans Udzungwa Chocolate and stir until the chocolate is completely melted.
  2. Beat the egg, together with the sugar until the mixture is foamy. Add the walnut oil and the chocolate sauce.
  3. Whip the cream and fold in the mixture.
  4. Put the mixture into an ice cream machine. Add walnuts and Original Beans Cacao Nibs. It is also possible to make the ice cream without an ice cream machine. Put the mixture into to freezer and after one hour add the nibs and walnuts and freeze again.

The Crêpes:

  1. Mix all ingredients and bake the crêpes in a pan. You don’t need to use lots of fat due to the butter in the dough.
  2. Serve the crêpes with the ice cream and some fresh orange slices.


Thanks to Maite Bödecker for this amazing recipe!


Ice Cream

1 egg
250ml cream
100ml milk
75g sugar
1⁄2 tbsp. walnut oil
175g Original Beans Cru Udzungwa Chocolate
100g Walnuts
1 tbsp. Cacao Nibs Udzungwa



150g flour
3 eggs
250ml milk
50ml freshly squeezed orange juice
Zest of one organic orange
Pinch of salt
10g butter

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