Piura Malingas 75%, 70g bar

Dazzling Dark Chocolate, Piura Valley, Peru

Notes of lemon, red berry and passionfruit sing out from this rarest among rare  cacaos—another fruit of Piura—as dazzling as Peru’s delicate butterflies it grows among.

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Experience the Rare

A dazzling example of special, locally grown Peruvian cacao, Original Beans Piura Malingas 75% is here thanks to our intrepid Bean Team and partners. Our cacao hunter, Jan, came across the Malingas beans in 2014, and impressed by the richness of fruit flavor and nice acidity, he set out to see where the beans were grown. On his first trip to the village of Malingas, Jan was surprised that in the middle of the white cacao growing region, the beans of Malingas are not white at all. The next surprise, in contrast to many other farmer associations in the region, this association did not have a professional fermentation and drying center. Rather, they were processing the cacao at the house of one of the membersat home but at quite a high-level due to the farmers’ experience. Alongside the rightfully proud farmers, we collectively bring you a perfect quality Peruvian cacao.


Bean Origin
Peruvian Nacional
Cacao mass*, direct-trade cacao butter*, raw cane sugar*, (*certified organic),
Lemon, Red Berry and Passion fruit
Price (100g)
€7.13 / 100g

Piura Malingas 75%
Organic Chocolate
Nutrition Facts
Per 100g

Energy: 2434 KJ/581 kcal
Thereof Saturated fat:
Thereof Sugars:
Dietary Fibre: 12g
Protein: 8g
Salt: 0.03g
Cholesterol: 0.7mg
Iron: 14mg

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