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Advent Calendar

handmade pralines and handpainted design
makes sure that pre-christmas period is a time
of indulgence and contemplativeness.

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Since 2008, Original Beans has combined its dual passion for chocolate making and conservation, raising the bar in both areas. Our Bean Team travels into the most remote rainforests in the world – in pursuit of the rarest cacao beans – to bring foodies, environmentally conscious consumers and leading chefs pure, additive-free chocolate.

Chocolate that replenishes the biodiverse forests in the origins instead of harming them.Through our One Bar : One Tree program, we plant a seedling for every chocolate bar sold, protecting the habitat of local flora and fauna, empowering cacao farmers and their families, and ensuring heritage cacao trees remain for future generations. To date, One Bar : One Tree has planted and preserved over 1,000,000 trees in the cacao origins.

Thanks to these continuous reforestation efforts, as well as our energy-efficient production, green logistics and 100% bio-compostable packaging, Original Beans chocolates are CO²-positive within their own supply chain. This means that with every bar of Original Beans chocolate you enjoy, you offset the environmental impact of your consumption – and change the world’s climate for the better.

Our supporters, consumers and ambassadors are coming together around the world through a shared passion for sustainable farming, delicious food, and the conservation of our world’s threatened rainforests. As Business Week notes, Original Beans is ‘making the world better through chocolate.’

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