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An advent calendar does not always have to be tangible, sometimes it is the things that you can’t hold in your hands that sweeten up your day the most. This is why this year we’ve come up with something extra special for you   - a virtual advent calendar that will surprise you with little gifts such as discount codes on a daily basis. You can then use them in our webshop during the entire day to purchase incredible Christmas bargains. We wish you the most beautiful Christmas season!

The most wonderful time of the year starts now. Today you can get 15% off on our Minibars using: RUDOLFSDEAL    
Today you can choose any of these pre-selected items and get one free item on top of it. For this offer, you do not need a code.      
Do you still need a couple of Christmas gifts for your loved ones? We got you covered – use the code JOLLY15 and get 15% off on all gift sets.
Even if we weren’t in the midst of the most magical time – chocolate is always a good idea! Today gift to you is a 15% discount on any 70g chocolate bar. Use HOLIDAYSPIRIT and you are good to go!
Today we're giving you complete freedom of choice: 10% on all products using the code FESTIVE10.
Ho Ho Ho! Today is a special day as we are gifting you a 10% on all chocolate bundles. We are sure we’ve got something for everyone’s taste! Don’t forget to use code: MERRY10
Gifting chocolate is great, gifting someone to choose any kind of chocolate is even greater! 10% off gift cards until the end of the day, using code MERRY10.
Another day, another discount code! Use the discount code MINIXMAS for 15% off all Minibars at the checkout.
Get yourself some delicious chocolate and get a free gift on top of it. Use the code XMASGIFT and choose one of our four gifts just for you!
Two more weeks to go and it is not too late to buy some sweet Christmas gifts. Use WONDER15 to get 15% off all our gift sets.
From dark to milk – we got them all! Apply SNOW15 in your shopping card to get 15% off on all our 70g chocolate bars.
Pick one of our pre-selected chocolates and get the third one for free. No code is nedded.
Mix and match is the greatest way to celebrate Christmas. Get one (or some more) of our bundles today, use ELF10 and get 10% off all our web-exclusive bundles.
Some people like to pick their own chocolates, that's alright! For those of you we have a special discount. Use SANTA10 to get 10% off on out gift cards.
No matter what you’ll buy today you’ll get an extra gift on top of it. Use the code FREETREAT and choose one out of four treats at the end of your purchase.
As special day for all the vegans out there – today we offer you a 15% to use on all or vegan products. Use VEGAN15 to enjoy some of our many vegans treats.
To enjoy a dream of a milk chocolate, use the code MILK15 and get 15% off all our Milk chocolate products. They are so (d)creamy!
The darker the better? We are with you on that. Use the code RUDOLPH15 to get 15% off on all our dark chocolates (66% and above).
Our select tribal cacaos represents the deep history and commitment of the indigenous tribes and is a must for every true chocolate lover. Use the code NOEL15 to get 15% off on all of them.
Have you tried our rarest of the rare chocolates yet? Its flavours travel to the far reaches of the imagination. Today is the day to finally do so. Add some to your cart, use the code SANTASDEAL and get 15% off all of them.
Our chocolate is rare, to be more specific it is ultra-rare and tells extraordinary tales of taste and Heritage from the remotest regions. Use the code FEAST15 to get 15% off on all our ultra rare chocolates – you won’t regret it!
Today’s code will give you a discount on all our rare chocolates. These rare beans will put pure deliciousness within reach for you. Use the code RARE15 and get 15% off your order.
Since Christmas day is almost here we are pampering you with a special gift on top of orders above 40€.  Get the “Virunga Duo” for free at the end of your shopping.
Merry Christmas everyone! We have a special gift for you to celebrate this wonderful day and YOU. We’ll gift you our “Four the Love of Chocolate” set on orders above 40€.

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