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Best ways to store chocolate – 4 tips for the summer

Summer, sun, chocolate time? It's hot outside and the temperatures in the living rooms are also quite high. But can you do without chocolate? Absolutely not! Here we have collected 4 expert tips on how best to store chocolate in summer, so that even in the hot season you don't have to miss out on your favourite treat.

Cool, but not cold
Chocolate feels best at temperatures between 12 and 20 degrees Celsius. Maybe you have a room in your apartment or cellar that stays cool even in summer? Then keep your chocolate there! But even if it gets warmer, you don't have to worry. Our chocolate tolerates temperatures up to 26°C. It may be a little softer and doesn't crack so nicely if you break off a piece, but it shouldn't melt yet. By the way, dark chocolate tolerates heat much better than milk or white chocolate.

Chocolate in the fridge?
Only if there's really no other way. Because chocolate does not like too cold a temperature at all and a refrigerator holds several "dangers" for our precious bars! Cold temperatures "steal" the aromas and the chocolate might absorbs the smell of other foods stored in the fridge. And that would be a disgrace with our multifaceted varieties from the best cocoas in the world. In addition, a refrigerator is a moist place and can trigger sugar crystallization.

Also not good: Strong temperature fluctuations. This leads to "fat bloom", the cocoa butter moves to the surface and leaves a white layer behind. It doesn't look good, but it is completely harmless to health. The taste however might alter a bit..

And it gets hotter and hotter...
What if the coolest place in your home is warmer than 26°C? Then really off to the fridge! But please don’t just put it in like that! Pack your chocolate in an airtight box to protect it from moisture and other odours. If possible, place it in the fridge door, because this is the warmest place in the fridge.

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Ready for indulgence?
Get the sealed box out of the fridge about an hour before you want to enjoy the chocolate. Then it will have reached the perfect temperature and you prevent it from condensing.

And then what? Break off a piece, put it on your tongue and feel the aromas flooding your palate. Remind yourself of the special place where the cocoa for your chocolate grows. Because it is the origin of all pleasure...

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