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By Original Beans founder Philipp Kauffmann

White and black

I am a white European man. Only once has racism touched my life. In 1944, racist Nazis killed my Jewish grandfather. My dad was eight years old when he lost everything. Two generations later, I still bear witness to the pain and destruction.

Racism, that mix of fear, prejudice and superiority impulse, is the most destructive force in human history. No people have been hit harder by it than black people. Seventeen million black people lost their lives in the racist slave trade. Today, black people live poorer, shorter lives wherever they live.

Walk out on racist chocolates

My industry, chocolate, exploits black families by the hundred thousands. The vast majority of chocolate brands may not be overtly racist, but they tolerate and operate in a racist system. Ask yourself about how much a black life matters when you invest less than Euro 2,- for a chocolate bar grown by black farmers. Walk out on this. Black lives matter.

Think inclusive

Prosperity and survival in the 21st century will depend on thinking, feeling, and acting interdependent and inclusive. If we want to resolve the massive challenges in our world - environment, disease, technology, migration - we have to come together. We simply cannot allow racism to continue dividing and ruling.

Thus my commitment: to fight racist politicians and elect inclusive ones; to educate racist colleagues and neighbours and invite inclusive ones; to walk out on racist businesses and support inclusive ones.

devoté femmes
femmes de virunga

Empower black women in Eastern Congo

Make black lives matter now

We are supporting an extraordinary team of black men and women organized in a small, effective non-profit organization called IDAD. They are empowering black lives, even saving them, in one of the world’s killing fields of black lives: Congo.

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