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Protect Rainforest, Now!

The simplest solution is to let tropical forests grow. Protect them from degradation and let them be. Older, larger tropical trees can absorb as much as 3 times more carbon than younger. Time is short. Of the three largest rainforests on the planet, only one, in Africa’s Congo basin, remains a carbon sink and retains…

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Empower women (farmers)

Amidst the turmoil and with the on-the-ground support of Original Beans’ Bean Team at Virunga, Africa’s oldest national park, hundreds of women have taken local leadership to become craft cacao growers, regenerate forests, and heal their war-torn communities. The Bean Team (incorporated as an NGO called IDAD) is providing vital education on agriculture, artisanal enterprise,…

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Plant trees in the right way

Founded in 2010, OBOT is key to our mission to regenerate what we consume. To date we have grown more than three million trees. OBOT helps protect endangered species, cool the climate and improve the livelihoods of the growers we work with. Whoever breaks off a piece of Original Beans chocolate not only enjoys the…

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4 Ways To Enjoy Chocolate And Cut Down On Sugar

From elevating your mood, to reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease and pancreatic cancer, it seems like there are more and more benefits to eating chocolate. It’s no secret however that plenty of chocolate (mainstream milk chocolate in particular) contains huge amounts of processed sugar. Although sugar has never been in the running for health…

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Cacao, cane sugar and almonds

“Cane sugar, cocoa butter, rice drink powder and syrup, cocoa mass, tiger nuts, hazelnuts, vanilla, sea salt”. There are at least seven ingredients in this best-selling vegan mylk bar from a European-wide organic chocolate brand. By law, this product on the chocolate shelf cannot call itself chocolate. So why is it on the chocolate shelf…

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M!lk Chocolate you want to take home, yes Ve-gan!

Find out more about what motivated us to create our new Vegan M!lk Chocolate and why we think you have the power to change the world, simply by changing what chocolate and therefore what food you decide to consume. For years, Original Beans has been setting new standards on regenerative consumption with products that regenerate…

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No bean is like the other

Most chefs these days, and more and more of us food lovers want to know where our food comes from – I mean, we really want to know. Where and how did it grow, who harvested it, how did it become such a delicious food? We have picked up these questions in wine shops and…

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The Laughter of Women

What do the Femmes de Virunga and female chefs have in common? We take you to the world of Spanish top chef Cristina García Suárez as she creates her favorite dish with Femmes de Virunga chocolate at her restaurant at the foot of Mount Amboto in the Basque Country. And we travel to another strong…

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Standing with the Arhuaco tribe

Cocooned by the pristine wilderness of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta in northern Colombia, the Arhuaco tribe is hard to get to. It takes a rough 8 hours on motorcycle on winding dirt roads – down muddy paths, crossing rivers on corroded wooden rafts – to get to the heart of their land and…

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Original Beans launches the world’s first 100% regenerative couverture

The Rainforest Couvertures pack is made from wood fibers rather than plastic or aluminum or a combination of both. So it is natural, renewable and organically compostable. To protect the chocolates from light and oxygen and in perfect condition an ultra-thin layer of natural aluminum is steamed onto the wood foil. Now new: the world’s first compostable couverture…

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An interesting pair: Chocolate & beer!

We do like the better things in life. Chocolate, wine, but also beers. And every summer, when the chocolate season is on a seasonal low, we keep ourselves busy with small side projects. Amsterdam, where our headquarter is located, is a perfect spot to reach out to local breweries and hop on a tour to…

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