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Sunrise on Napo River, Amazon

Take reforestation and climate action in your own hands

You marched on the streets and joined the #climatestrike and yet decision-makers left you disappointed by their lack of action. Together, we can prevent the climate emergency now! Our best hope for climate action lies in growing trees. Does that mean, now you have to roll up your sleeves and plant trees yourself? Well, we…

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How do you know if a chocolate is good?

We share with you a few secrets about making outstanding chocolate and how you can tell the good from the bad. Like all things in life, it takes dedication to become an expert. And our Original Beans flavour makers have dedicated their lives from early age to become the very best in what they make:…

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Stop the Amazon from burning – by choosing the right chocolate

The Amazon is burning and many of us are lying awake at night asking ourselves what to do. The last time the world was so shaken in real-time by an environmental disaster was when the nuclear reactor at Chernobyl melted down. What we are witnessing in Amazon is far more consequential. But we can understand…

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Chocolate Bars in the summer

Best ways to store chocolate – 4 tips for the summer

Summer, sun, chocolate time? It’s hot outside and the temperatures in the living rooms are also quite high. But can you do without chocolate? Absolutely not! Here we have collected 4 expert tips on how best to store chocolate in summer, so that even in the hot season you don’t have to miss out on…

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Chocolate Ice Cream

Why should chocolate ice cream be made with real chocolate?

If we want to change this world for the better, then we need to give it our passion, an unconditional surrender to taste and love to a pleasurable life. Because not the virtual world, not the additive-contaminated substitute satisfactions, is what makes our lives worth living. By TOBIAS SUDHOFF Real chocolate ice cream should be…

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Ancient Cacao Tree

Our solution to the protection of biological diversity? Chocolate!

For many of us it is not news and yet, the latest report by the World Biodiversity Council (IPBES) has shaken the news world. It states that in the coming years and decades, one million species will be threatened with extinction if there are no fundamental changes in land use, environmental protection and mitigation of…

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What is real chocolate?

by Philipp Kauffmann, November 2019 Real chocolate is a heavenly food. Break off a piece. Close your eyes and slowly let it melt on the tongue to taste its many nuanced flavours. Please don’t just chew it. Real chocolate is made from a hyper-nutritious seed, roasted to bring out its flavours, ground to a fine…

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Stand Up for the Femmes

For those of us whose lives are plugged in from the moment the alarm on our phone wakes us up to the minute our electric toothbrush cleans our teeth before bed, it is difficult to get a sense of daily life in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DR Congo). To label the region poor or…

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Ebola Campaign 2019 for Virunga, raises Euro 11000

In Virunga, Eastern Congo, where Original Beans has been developing (organic) cacao farming among thousands of farmers since 2008, 2018 has brought an exceptionally good harvest for the Cru Virunga and Femmes de Virunga chocolates. The exceptional Congolese men and women of our local NGO, IDAD, have trained and equipped hundreds more women for beekeeping,…

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Guardians of ‘the heart of the world’

The Arhuaco have chosen to live in their own world, which they believe is ‘the heart of the world’. Their world is a world of dense rainforest, snow-clad mountains, wild rivers, cozy water streams, deserted Caribbean shores and ancient cacao trees, all of which are sacred to them. The Arhuaco tribe is genuinely protective of…

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Businchari, a new beginning for an ancient cacao

Forced into the highlands for centuries by conquistadors, settlers and the coca wars, the Arhuaco have recently returned to their ancestral lands and sacred sites at the Caribbean shores of La Lengüete. These are the shores where the endangered green turtle lays its eggs. Cocooned by the pristine rainforest, the Arhuacos’ ancient and rare cacao,…

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