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Zoque 88% – Home-Coming to the Selva Zoque

The house of Jose, Maria Suzanna, and their large family stands out from the landscape. In vivid blue, green and red. The forest stands intact behind the house. As a green wall of bird calls. This mornings downpour has left the ground covered in flowers and I think to myself: somehow there are always flowers…

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Zoque 88% – The Tabasqueño Bean

We are sitting in an ancient stone sauna at the remote ruins of Malpasito, build by the ancient Zoque. The ancient Zoque, and their forefathers – the Olmecs – were brilliant minds and they can be compared to the Greeks of Europe. They were stargazers and they kept an advanced calendar, they invented the sauna…

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Zoque 88% – How it started

Portrait of an Eco-Entrepreneur and Friend. The journey to this amazing cacao started with a friendship. In the spring of 2014, I explored the ancient cacao land and rainforests of Tabasco and Chiapas in Southern Mexico with my good friend Hugo. We visited the homes and farms of Zoque and Tzotzil families in the Selva…

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Stable Income for Cacao Farmers

Imagine you are working full-time in a physically demanding job, but only earn one-third of the minimum living wage! You need to feed four children and take them to school every day. School is an hour away and there is no public transport. You cannot afford a car or a motorbike. There is no gas,…

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Best restaurants in the world cook with Original Beans

We at Original Beans celebrate with our customers Massimo Botturra (Osteria Francescana), Jordi Roca (Celler de Can Roca) and Virgilio Martinez (Central & Lima) last week’s announcement of the World’s Best 50 restaurants. We are proud to be supplier of choice for the world’s first, second, and sixth best restaurants 2018. #worldsbest50 We also want…

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Let’s Make the Kind of World We Want with Chocolate

We were founded on the desire to make the world better with better chocolate and thanks to our community of food lovers and responsible consumers, we have made a significant impact  in this area. But in these uncertain, tumultuous times, it is time to take control and make the kind of world we want by…

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A Walk in the Cloud Forest

When we talk about our Esmeraldas Milk chocolate, we always note that the rare heirloom cacao beans from which it’s made are grown in the last pacific cloud forest in the world. Sounds beautiful and romantic, right, but what actually is a cloud forest?   Located in the northwest section of Ecuador in the Esmeraldas…

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Chocolate & Conservation

At Original Beans, we reflect a lot (A LOT) about how to best talk about our chocolate AND our conservation efforts. As in love and marriage, for us, you can’t have one without the other. Historically, chocolate has been a vicious industry, so we started the company to make better chocolate in a way that…

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Awards & Certifications

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