Cacao Origins - Original Beans


Every day, our Bean Team goes to extraordinary lengths—and distances—to source previously undiscovered, forgotten and tucked away cacao beans for our chocolates. They experience exciting adventures, meet indigenous tribes, and are sometimes cut-off from the outside world for weeks. The Bean Team is responsible for the sourcing and  direct trade with our growers and the implementation of our One Bar : One Tree programme.


Hilde de Beule

Bean Team Africa


Erick Lolwako

Bean Team Virunga


Anders Saxbol

Bean Team Craft

jan (1)

Jan Schubert

Bean Team Americas


Litman Espinoza

Bean Team Piura


Since 2008, our Bean Team travels to the rarest places on earth to bring “original beans” to you. Each of our beans has a story to tell. We invite you to taste them all.

Protect beans of distinction

... from extinction

Original Beans presents the world's rarest cacao collection of unforgettable characters who reveal far off tales with every bite. To ensure these beans of distinction are safe from extinction, we grow a tree for every chocolate bar we sell. Under the One Bar : One Tree Programme, Original Beans customers and growers have together grown more than 2 million trees to regenerate what we consume and preserve the rare.

Awards & Certifications

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