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Cristina Garcia Suarez

"By using Original Beans I can let my imagination run free and at the same time be sustainable and ethically responsible."


Cristina Garcia Suarez

Cristina grew up in Bilbao but has been living in Barcelona for several years now. Her journey as a chef started at the Azurmendi patisserie in the Basque Country where she spent the first 5 years of her career. For the love of cooking and her eagerness to learn more, she spent all her free time visiting other patisseries such as Paco Torreblanca, Thierry Bhamas, Nerua, and many more. After five years of continuous learning, she decided to grow even more and apply for additional training at the exclusive dessert restaurant “Espaisucre” in Barcelona where she later became Sous Chef.

But it does not end here – she also managed the patisserie of the Mandarin Hotel in Barcelona under the direction of Angel Leon. Moreover, Cristina served her desserts as a sous chef at the Mont-Bar restaurant and is always looking for new challenges!

At the restaurant “Espacio Uma”, Cristina was able to apply her own style in desert creations: For Cristina, the patisserie is something special because it combines sweet and savory. Combinations with fish, seaweed, vegetables, or meat. Everything dipped into the world of sweet and chocolaty.

During one of her latest projects is Cristina creating her own line of desserts in her hometown Bilbao.



"My time in Moscow inspired me to create this dessert during my time at restaurant UMA. Strong contrasts and elegant flavours that harmonise perfectly with the Original Beans Cusco 100%."

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