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Daniel Budde (Candide)

"I use Original Beans  firstly, because it tastes great! Secondly, because the product consistently gives perfect results and thirdly, because it does give back to our planet."


In January 2017, O'Connor and Budde founded Candide. They take its inspiration and name from Voltaire's hero, Candide.  O'Connor and Budde want to demonstrate that just like Voltaire's Candide - they use the art of self criticism to improve on their technique and methods of production.  As in the  classic novel - those who adhere to this method  usually become better at what they do.  O'Connor and Budde believe that in order to achieve outstanding craftsmanship and produce you have to marry these two worlds.  This is how Candide chocolates are made.

Daniel Budde was born in East Westphalia, and is a trained confectioner, patissier and ecotropholologist. The 32-year-old has worked in renowned establishments including the Kempinski Hotel Adlon, the Restaurant Tim Raue and the Grand Hotel Zermatterh.  He most recently contributed in research and development and acted as consultant at EatFirst Global and for Pignut BBQ.

At Budde's side is  Christopher O'Connor. Born in Berlin with American roots, O'Connor is a trained opera singer and knows that creativity and craftsmanship must always go hand in hand with discipline and hard work to achieve a perfect result. This is exactly the way things run at Candide Chocolate. Here, craftsmanship is very much in the foreground and the goal of achieving the perfect point of taste with every praline and chocolate.


Basil Pralines

Original Beans Beni Wild 66% | Basil | Liquorice

More about Candide

It began with the idea of developing a praline as a dessert - complexity not withstanding. Then as now, Daniel Budde asked himself  as with each creation, who will eat this praline?  When and in what context? The shape of the praline he uses is deliberately kept simple and echoes chocolate making of the past. At that time, a praline was created in such a way that a lady could eat it elegantly in two bites. It takes Budde at least 26 hours to create a praline. Sometimes even longer, so that the aromas of the ingredients used can develop and mature over time.

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