Frank van Rijsbergen - Original Beans

Frank van Rijsbergen

"The best part of using Original Beans is that we can take our guests on a journey, surprising them with bonbon plateaus that serve a specific taste and tell stories of responsible sourcing and farming."

Kitchen Chef of the Restaurant Allure

Restaurant Allure is located at the Entrepothaven in Rotterdam-South. This location is known for its rich history and the cozy atmosphere of the area. 

Quality products are used here to surprise one's taste buds with special dishes. A team of professional staff, which together form a close group of people with passion and enthusiasm for their profession, ensuring their guests an unforgettable evening.

Restaurant owner Brian Bennink and its team are always true to their motto: giving Allure the allure needed to make 'having a meal' a personal experience.

“The Gouden Pollepel” (the culinary competition of the Algemeen Dagblad) approves and describes the Allure as 'A culinary pleasure cruise'.

Chocolate Raspberry  Bonbons

With their combination of fruity and tenderly meltiness these chocolate and raspberry bonbons are a real treat! And an eye-catcher too: the strong colours not only complement each other well but also taste incredibly delicious.



Frank van Rijsbergen is the head chef of the Allure where he is known for his positive attitude and creative dish creations.  Frank's talent of turning food into amazing dishes was discovered and rewarded at the age of 21, when he won Rotterdam's Cooking Talent in 2014. Back then he worked as sous-chef at Allure, where he already knew how to leave his mark on dishes.  After an enlightening and insightful year at the FG restaurant**, Frank returns to Restaurant Allure where he has been running the kitchen since  November 2019. 

Awards & Certifications

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