Marcus Zillmann - Original Beans


“The taste of the "beans" completely convinced me. It's gratifying to work with a product that guarantees sustainability. It focuses on the people who produce it and you know that on the other side of the world no one has to suffer for our luxury. I see it as our duty as a chef to contribute to sustainability wherever we can."

Marcus Zillmann

Zillmann's career began with his apprenticeship in Dresden. He realized relatively quickly that he wanted to work and cook at a high level. Above all, high-end products have fascinated him from the start.

Throughout the years, Marcus worked in Berlin at the InterContinental, in Vienna and for over 5 years in Munich.

The chef has acquired most of his craft skills in Munich. His most important stations were the Hotel Four Seasons Kempinski and for over 2 years the restaurant "Tantris" where he was allowed to work and study under Hans Haas.

Products were always the focus and it was clear to him that good craftsmanship must always go hand in hand with first-class products.

Fruity chocolate terrine

Marquise au Chocolat, or chocolate terrine, is a classic of  the French cuisine. A sweet and silky dessert that all chocolate lovers will love. It has a very smooth, silky texture and is particularly delicious due to its combination with rhubarb, cream and of course a lot of chocolate.


After Zillmann's time in Munich, he moved on to Stuttgart and became Sous Chef at the Althoff Hotel am Schloßgarten, under the direction of Sebastian Prüßmann. Together with Prüßmann he carried on to Königstein where he became Executive Sous Chef at Villa Rothschild. Together they implemented the new "Grill & Health" concept at the Villa Rothschild restaurant, which does not aim to win awards, but focuses more on good products.

Marcus has been Executive Chef of both houses since May 2020.
Since February 2020 he has also been responsible for the kitchen processes at the Falkenstein Grand, with his "Landgut" restaurant.

Awards & Certifications

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