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Chocolate & Conservation

At Original Beans, we reflect a lot (A LOT) about how to best talk about our chocolate AND our conservation efforts. As in love and marriage, for us, you can’t have one without the other. Historically, chocolate has been a vicious industry, so we started the company to make better chocolate in a way that was good to the people who produce it and the earth from which it comes. And because our chocolate is made from the rarest cacao on earth, it is imperative to replenish the trees that grow the cacao so it doesn’t become extinct. But our One Bar : One Tree program is about much more than planting a tree for every bar sold. It provides above-living wages for skilled farmers, helps protect some of the most threatened rainforests and wildlife in the world, and ensures that the production of our chocolate is climate-positive.

All great things, but I just spent a paragraph talking about our conservation efforts with nary a mention of our award-winning chocolate from the earth’s rarest places … so you can understand our struggle. Not to mention that talk of sustainability and climate positivity can be a bit …. complex and heavy.

While a challenge in terms of communication, this circular, interconnected ball of wax that is Original Beans is what we are all about. Everything we do is about connecting. Connecting to the last, most precious places in the world and to their animals and culture. Connecting to the farmers who grow our food. Connecting the consciousness to the importance of responsible consumption and replenishing what we consume.

The power of this connective collective has had a great impact on the earth. Delicious bar by delicious bar, our supporters have helped:

  • plant over 1.5 million trees
  • support our 100% climate-positive supply chain
  • ensure that farmers are paid 10x above fair trade premium
  • save 6.800 tons of CO2 in 2016 alone

While it’s easy to be cynical in today’s marketplace where every company has a cause, you are helping to make a real difference, while enjoying delicious chocolate. Thanks for making chocolate and conservation your favourite combination!

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