Chocolate Tastings - Original Beans


Get swept away by the diversity and complexity of chocolate flavours presented by some of the best chocolate sommeliers.

We guide you through an unforgettable time of joy, learning, and laughter. Become an insider while award-winning chocolates are melting on your tongue.


  • Chocolates:
    • Big bars: 9 x 70g
    • Minibars: 4 x 12g
  • Virtual Chocolate Tasting
  • Taster Pad
  • Discount code


Available for groups of:

15 to 25 participants

54,50€ pp

>25 participants

48,50€ pp


  • Chocolates:
    • 3 x 70g Dark
    • 1 x 70g Milk
    • Minibars: 4 x 12g
    • Cacao Nibs: 1 x 100g
  • Virtual Chocolate Tasting
  • Taster Pad
  • Discount code

Available for groups of:

> 25 participants

35,50€ pp

Our chocolate sommeliers

Stefan Winter

“I love chocolate, and all it's aromas and flavours. Like a good wine, it is better in good company, with friends, family and colleagues!"

Virginie Faure

“While resting at home, you'll be able to travel to different parts of the world through the diversity of our chocolates, getting to know where they come from and how origins can model the taste”

Ivana Oven

“The best way to connect with the remotest forests in the world while discovering rare cacao's flavours.”

Ted Steinebach

“In times of physical distance, the virtual tasting are a great way to connect with your team or family through all the senses”


  • You will receive an email from us with additional information
  • The Chocolate Tasting will be hosted by one of our chocolate sommeliers. He or she will get in touch to plan ahead.
  • In time for your chocolate tasting you will receive the tasting box from us.
  • Duration of tasting: 90 minutes. We can do it under 60, but this should be really your time to celebrate.
  • What you need: your tasting box, a glas of water, a napkin, pen and paper. And if you want to pair anything alongside for fun, don't hesitate, celebrate.

Awards & Certifications

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