Christmas Gift Sets 21 - Original Beans

The right kind of Christmas Chocolate
- for you and the planet  


There are exactly three things that should matter the most during this and every other Christmas to come when consuming foods, the holy grail includes:

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Climate Positive

Thanks to our climate-conscious supply chain, we actually decrease CO2-levels instead of producing it. And the more chocolate you give away or enjoy yourself, the better it is for the climate.



Each of our rare cocoa beans has its own story to tell and so each chocolate has its own unique flavour profile. We invite you to try them all!



Chocolate is the product of a fruit that grows on a tree. Like all seeds, the cacao seed is full of life-giving energy - pure chocolate like Original Beans is pure superfood.

Chocolate world Original Beans

to the World

Feeling festive? Whether you want to treat yourself or someone special, this collection has enough flavours to cover everyone’s taste buds.

€90.50 €81,50 Incl. VAT

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magic chocolate original beans

Believe in the magic of Chocolate

Discover all Original Beans chocolates wrapped up in one box. A perfect gift for that special someone who is passionate about chocolate or to simply treat yourself on a cozy winter evening.

€55,45 €49,95 Incl. VAT

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Vegan Original Beans Christmas

Vegan All the Way

Discover all of our vegan chocolates. Whether you’re looking to treat yourself or that special vegan in your life, this is the perfect Christmas treat.

€53,80 €46,75 Incl. VAT

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bake merry Christmas original Beans

Bake yourself a merry little Christmas

Discover our cooking collection filled with the rarest Original Beans chocolate. From classic Christmas cookies to festive dinner party desserts, there’s something here for all you holiday baking and cooking enthusiasts.

€40,50 €36,20 Incl. VAT

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Best Gift collection Original Beans 1

All I want for Christmas is Chocolate

A Christmas box to fully embrace the joy of the season. This collection is perfect for gifting and sharing at your festive gatherings.

€49,75 €44,80 Incl. VAT

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