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Your Climate Initiative

If your organization wants to take steps to protect the earth’s climate, we offer you a simple and direct way: protect the earth’s most valuable forests. In this way, the organization also directly empowers some of the world’s poorest people, cacao farmers, in their great responsibility to protect these great forests. Take climate initiative and get in touch today!

Jan Schubert, Bean Team

What Original Beans Climate Action stands for

  • 2 climate forests in the Esmeraldas, Ecuador, and Piura, Peru
  • 3750 football fields of protected rainforest
  • 1.9 Mio trees preserved
  • 200 families economically supported
  • 15 families with secure year-round income
  • 9000 tons of CO2 inset (in 2018)
  • 8 off-grid, rural communities directly empowered


Forests Burning

Remember school biology class? Photosynthesis? It’s simple: Trees soak up CO2 from the atmosphere; add water, and this is how they grow. As trees grow, more and more carbon is absorbed. However, when forests are cut down or burned, the carbon is released back into the atmosphere. This is how you get most of your energy: by burning fossilized trees in the form of coal, oil and gas. Trees, in short, have the power to make or break our climate.

Climate Change

When forests are burned, the carbon they store is released back into the atmosphere. The build-up of high levels of CO2 in the atmosphere is what’s causing our earth’s atmosphere to heat up, changes weather patterns, and causes sea levels to rise.

Business against Climate Change

The Paris Climate Agreement has laid out a climate plan among nations. Business and private initiatives can move faster and help push the national agendas ahead. In the end, it is up to our all leadership to counter climate change.

Climate Forests

Our rare cacao trees grow in the world’s most CO2-rich forest areas. Original Beans provides secure incomes and training to our cacao farmers. As a consequence, they feel empowered to better protect the surrounding forests. We then agree with the farmers to set aside pristine forests as carbon saving “Climate Forests”.

What makes Original Beans Certificates different?

At Original Beans, if there is opportunity to do it better, we will do it. The mainstream CO2 market is awash with many standards. The complexity of these standards is such that for small-scale and high-impact projects like ours and for customers like you, they can become too expensive. What Original Beans offers instead, are direct forest protection agreements with the farmers which are independently audited.

How to start

Our climate forest certification takes 3 steps: Calculation – Compensation – Communication. In the first step, we help an organization calculate its carbon footprint, i.e. emissions. We have a “CO2 Quick Scan” tool for CO2 measurement involving operations like office spaces or personnel travel.

Once the carbon footprint is calculated, we determine the amount and costs of the certified offsets in a second step.

Thirdly and finally, we support the Certificate Holder in communicating their climate leadership and investment in an Original Beans “Climate Forest”.

Case Example

Vandebron is a trail-blazing Dutch energy company. As the company’s name, “from origin”, suggests, Vandebron sources energy from local energy providers and sells it in a 100% traceable, green energy subscription. Household customers who still emit carbon by, say, cooking with gas, are offered to offset those emissions from a 100% traceable, green certificate source: Original Beans Climate Forest in the Esmeraldas, Ecuador.

Partnership against Climate Change

If your organization would like to conduct a CO2 Quick Scan or hear more about our Climate Forests, please get in touch today. We would love to explore how we can partner to make the world better with trees … and better chocolate!

Jan-Marcel Schubert
+49 1577 7369731

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