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CUSCO 100%

Our Cusco 100% is no ordinary chocolate. Strictly speaking, it is not even a chocolate, because it contains no sugar, but 100% cacao. This is unusual for some at first, but we promise, who gets involved in it, a completely new, pure taste experience reveals itself! To get you started, we've not only put together some delicious pairings that take cocoa enjoyment to a new level with natural sweetness. We also tell you all about the cacao and we have created a simple recipe to follow. Have fun discovering!


Criollo, Forastero, and Trinitario are the only three cocoa beans that exist, right? Absolutely not! We tell you that there are more than just three different cacao beans and what else is in our beans.


Our chocolate is good on its own, and no one loves pure chocolate as much as we at Original Beans. But our Cusco 100 % comes from a special Bean and is even better when it is paired with a partner-in-crime. Paring it with certain flavour profiles can create a whole new experience and bring it to an even greater height.


It doesn’t always have to be a large piece of chocolate cake – sometimes it’s the little things that bring the greatest joy. These marzipan balls with chocolate are made very quickly, do not require any fancy ingredients and are also healthier than conventional sweets.

CUSCO 100%

Mighty cacao
Tastes of dried flowers and grass mark the absolute altitude of this rarest of rare Chuncho cacao, a singular offering from the lands of the mighty condor.

CUSCO 100% - de Origin

Not far from the fascinating Inca site of Machu Picchu grow the Chuncho cacao trees that have defied the passage of time in the Urubamba Valley. The ancient and robust Chuncho trees, some of which are 200 years old, grow at an unusual height for cacao. Up here, the endangered condors also fly through the air, the largest flying birds in the world.

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