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Fair +

Becoming an Original Beans farmer is like moving from a short-term free agency contract into a long-term employment at twice the income. We support 175 farming families full-time and 5000 part-time in this way.

High, direct, secure

We pay farmers double fair

Consider this: cacao farmer incomes would need to double to reach the United Nations level of absolute poverty at $1.25 per day! So called fair trade and other certifications add 5-10% on the ever-fluctuating world cocoa prices. They don’t change the unjust market system that creates poverty, insecurity and exploitation. Original Beans high, direct, and secure prices offer cacao farming families a living income, incentive to make the best product, and a bright outlook for the future. As a consequence, we can report 0 INCIDENTS OF CHILD LABOUR and instead the EMPOWERMENT of hundreds of young farmers, including women.

Work with pride

Our team at Original Beans works for a living, but also to learn, get recognized, grow an identity, and have fun. So do Original Beans cacao farmers! They are the world’s best, at home in the earth’s rarest places, bearers of rare cultural traditions, stewards of invaluable nature. We are proud to work with them.

Want to know more?

Read the Cocoa Barometer 2020

The Cocoa Barometer is the most recognized independent publication documenting the (un-)sustainability of the big chocolate industry. 2020 key statements:

Regulation that changes the system, rather than penalising the farmers
Recognising that bad farming is not the problem but rather a symptom of a deeply unfair system, the report advocates for systems change and regulation that creates an enabling environment. Current forms of certification and farm-based standards increase pressure on farmers: instead, we need laws that hold the powerful accountable, rather than laws which demand that farmers change. Compliance criteria are imbalanced and need restructuring so that companies are held accountable to due diligence systems.

Effective partnerships between producer and consumer countries
If the answer is creating an enabling environment, we need partnership agreements between producer and consumer countries that facilitate and finance this. Processes that set partnerships in motion should be inclusive and deliberative, ensuring that civil society and farmer groups have a respected voice at decision-making tables. Data collected in the sector must be shared with farmers and their organisations to ensure informed decision making is possible.

Deliver on a fair price for farmers
The single biggest positive impact for farmers and incentive for farming sustainably is delivering a fair price for the cocoa they produce. Cocoa and chocolate companies must find ways to redistribute value along the supply chain so that farmers are guaranteed a living income.

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