Drawdown CO2 - Original Beans

Climate +

Since launch in 2010, Original Beans products have been restoring the climate. All of them are delivered CO2 NEGATIVE to our wholesale customers. We achieve this by climate-consciously designing our supply chain, REDUCING CO2 EMISSIONS AT EVERY STEP.

To save the climate

... eat more of our chocolates!

Of all our chocolates, the milk chocolates cost most CO2 to make, because of the number of ingredients. However, the scientific CO2 assessment of our Esmeraldas cacao gardens finds that they store 9.5 tonnes of CO2 on every hectare each year. Against the climate costs, this results in a CLIMATE SURPLUS of 122g CO2 per 70g Esmeraldas Milk chocolate bar! In other words: to save the climate, eat more Original Beans chocolates!

Magic trees

The greatest climate action happens in the forest: through the magic of trees which inhale air and store CO2. But along our entire supply chain we look for climate action: our chocolate manufacture is powered 100% by renewable energy. That’s pretty magic, too.

Climate balance

Our carbon footprint according to BSI (2011) PAS 2050:2011 and Plan Vivo concludes that the largest climate cost occurs in the forest: from natural N2O emitted during the organic composting of leaves, twigs and pods. Nothing we can do about it, if we want to keep soils and our product healthy. To balance, our warehouse has halved its energy consumption in only five years!


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