Easter products - Original Beans

Easter with Original Beans

Give away some Easter joy with our chocolates from the rarest places in the world.

It does not always have to be easter eggs!

Our present-boxes come with bite-size bars that make perfect little giveaways or upgrate your Easter table decoration. Present your loved ones or yourself with the world’s best chefs choices in chocolate that are fair to the environment and the people who grow them.


Mixed Minibar Counter Display (37% to 75%)

This set comprises five mini-classics in a beautifully decorative case giving a flavour of the diversity of our Original Beans: enjoy the bright dark Piura Porcelana, the deep dark Cru Virunga, the playful dark Cru Udzungwa with Nibs, the silky Esmeraldas Milk and the bare white Edel Weiss.


€19.95 Incl. Tax

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Napolitains Gift boxes (42%, 70%)

There are 30 tiny bars of perfection in each Napolitain Gift Box – includes Esmeraldas Milk 42% Silky Milk Chocolate and Cru Virunga 70% Deep Dark Chocolate. Each bar is made from finest quality cacao and weighs 4.5 grams, an ideal size to enjoy with that special cup of coffee, or when you want just a bite of purest organic chocolate to savour.

2 boxes with 30 units x 4.5g

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But don’t be sad, our Minibars are still available!





Mini Gift Box (42% to 75%)

Our minibar giftbox, contains 12 delicious minibars inviting you on a culinary journey to 4 of our cacao origins ranging from pure Esmeraldas Milk to our Piura Porcelana. Cacaos from the rain forests of South America and Africa.

€12.95 Incl. Tax

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Easter joy for all!

Get the perfect giveaway for all the favourite people in your life with our „Get them all“ offer. It contains the Mixed Minibar Counter Display with 18 bars of 5 selected tastes, the Napolitains Gift boxes with each 30 tiny bars of our Esmeraldas Milk 42% Silky Milk Chocolate and 30 Cru Virunga 70% Deep, as well as the Mini Gift Box with 12 delicious minibars in 4 different varieties.

The best part: you get a Minibar collection as a present from us!

WOW! We’re sold out for the special Easter bundle!
 But don’t be sad, our Minibars are still available!


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