Our favourite Ice Cream Dealers - Original Beans

by Sarah Hoffmann

Our favourite Ice Cream Dealers

What is the best way to cool off or cool down in the warmer months   - a tasty ice cream treat! To make sure you’re getting the best ice-cream to satisfy your cravings, we’ve created this short but very sweet list of ice cream ‘makers’ that work with our chocolate.

The makers are truly original and brilliant  and they all have one thing in common – they use Original Beans chocolate!

MIUZ 📍 Amsterdam, The Netherlands

This new up and coming Ice Cream store uses quality and  locally sourced ingredients only. Miuz shares our values and believes that choices have a big impact on the environment and our bodies. At Miuz you will be introduced to an elevated gelato experience. 

🍦 Our favourite flavour: Cacao Beans Cusco 


Rosacanina📍 Berlin & Frankfurt, Germany 

This Berlin treasure attaches a great deal of importance to being patient when looking for ingredients. To create organic uncompromised ice cream, these manufacturers always go the extra mile to find the right ingredients for their handpicked and handmade ice cream. 

🍦 Our favourite flavour:  Mozartkugel 

Happy Endings 📍 London, England 

Founded in 2014 by YBF Baking Award Winner Terri Mercieca, Happy Endings has turned the London dessert scene on its head. Their ice cream sandwiches and soft-serve combine modern and traditional techniques to create desserts that are bold in flavour, temper sweetness with savoury and balance textures. 

🍦 Our favourite flavour:  Whoopies


Die Eisheiligen📍 Rhön, Germany 

In their own words, “premium ice cream without artificial additives or other nonsense!” The ice cream here is made from 100% natural ingredients in a traditional, artisan way. Die Eisheiligen believes that as ice cream producers, you have a special relationship with chocolate so we want  to work with the best possible product.

🍦 Our favourite flavour:  Stracciatella


Creme Eis📍 Wuppertal, Germany

Creme ice cream makes fuss-free handmade ice cream . Once you have tried their high end ice cream you’ll never go back to buying the frozen supermarket stuff anymore.  They use organic and locally grown produce and  they also use our melted couverture to make the creamiest of  ice creams

🍦 Our favourite flavour: Chocolate 70%


The Ice Cream Union 📍 London, England 

The Ice Cream Union wants to radically change people’s perceptions of ice cream. From the tools they use, to the ingredients they select, everything has been meticulously planned and sourced by The Ice Cream Union for the finest results. The ice cream here is unique, authentic and tastes amazing! 

🍦 Our favourite flavour: Dulce de Leche Choc Chip


Kalte Lust 📍All over Switzerland 

This climate neutral ice cream shop offers more than 100 flavours from sweet to salty, making sure all ingredients are regional sources. Whenever possible, their fruit comes from local farms and ingredients such as vanilla and organic chocolate are sourced from environmentally friendly brands - like Original Beans. The ice cream here is personal, regional, fair and well assorted.

🍦 Our favourite flavour: Sour-Cherry Chocolate


Black Forest Ice Cream 📍Black Forest, Germany 

You’d like to have some sustainable and delicious ice cream stoked up in your fridge? Then this brand is perfect for you. Black forest Ice Cream. Their store bought cups are made of FSC-certified paper, coated with renewable raw materials and over 80% recyclable. BLACK FOREST believes that  Ice Cream should not only cool us but also protect our ecosystems. BLACK FOREST supports the “Germany + Black Forest” project by initiating planting campaigns, sapling maintenance and biotope care for squirrels to help keep the black forest alive and healthy. 

🍦 Our favourite flavour: Chocolate


Gelateria Cafeteria Süd 📍 Cologne, Germany 

Quality, tradition and innovation are the factors that make “Gelateria Cafeteria Süd” special. Each ingredient is carefully selected by and ice cream is produced in the traditional Italian way , but with a modern twist, as they neither use eggs nor vegetable fats.  “Gelateria Cafeteria Süd” likes to experiment with unceonvetional ice cream ingredients such as hemp seeds, goji berries, parmesan and carrots. 

🍦 Our favourite flavour: Gorilla



For everyone who prefers to make their own ice cream. This dark chocolate ice cream contains our Virunga 70% and is easy to prepare at home.

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