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In order to better understand our chocolate and its flavours, we have developed a flavour wheel. We deliberately kept it simple, so that everybody can understand it.

It is important to know that flavours are not objective. Each person recognizes different flavours, which depends on which experiences he or she has already had. If, for example, you have never tasted a cherimoya fruit, you will not be able to recognize its flavour in chocolate. So, many influences play a role, just like emotions or what you just ate. Cacao is a product of nature, so every harvest tastes a bit different. With our aroma wheel we have tried to cover a kind of average taste of every chocolate.

Scroll down to find out more about the unique flavours for all of our chocolates!

Our chocolate is full of flavour, because the exclusive cacaos they are made of grow in the most biodiverse regions of the world. And just like grapes or other tree fruits, cocoa absorbs the aromas of its surroundings. Carefully roasted and conched, they can later be seen in our chocolate...



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