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Our Chocolate Foodprint 2019

At Original Beans we are on a mission together, to taste the rare and preserve it. Since 2008, we venture into remote rainforests to source the world’s rarest cacaos and together transform the culture of chocolate, food and luxury. On our own, we grow a regenerative business that replenishes what it consumes.Together we preserve nature in all its rarity. #TasteTheRare #PreserveTheRare #RegenerativeChoc #OneBarOneTree

We hope that you will continue to accompany us in 2020 on our way to regenerative agriculture and to take responsibility together. Because together we can achieve more.


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"Original Beans displays such a variety in its aromas that you as a patissier are very inspired and challenged in your creativity".

Thomas Scheiblhofer, Tian, Vienna, Austria

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Original Beans cacao origins

Like other tree fruits, cacao is infused with flavours from its terroir. Its seeds are full of nutrition and when harvested, fermented and dried with craft, they reveal the unique character of their distinct origins. Since 2008, our Bean Team travels to the rarest places on earth to bring “original beans” to you. Each of our beans has a story to tell. We invite you to taste them all.


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Together, Original Beans customers and farmers have grown over


trees to date. #OneBarOneTree

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One Bar : One Tree

When you break off a piece of Original Beans chocolate, not only are you moments away from enjoying the rarest cacao beans in their purest form — you are breaking ground for a tree. Enter the code from your bar here to see it grow.

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Our society is in the grips of a health pandemic far worse than Covid. More than 2 billion people are overweight, and 600 million are obese. The reason is not a virus, but highly processed foods. The system to make these foods is so correlated to climate change that the leading scientific journal The Lancet…

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Preferred by the world’s best chefs, patissiers and hotels

In our ongoing mission to make the best of worlds with the best of chocolates we are honoured to be the chocolate of choice for the world’s best chefs, patissiers, hotels and hobby cooks. Everyone around our Chefs’ table (e.g. Two Star Michelin restaurant of the Mugaritz in Spain) shares the love of cacao and chocolate as wholesome foods and native ingredients; and cares to give back to the earth more than we consume.


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