Let’s Make the Kind of World We Want with Chocolate - Original Beans

Let’s Make the Kind of World We Want with Chocolate

We were founded on the desire to make the world better with better chocolate and thanks to our community of food lovers and responsible consumers, we have made a significant impact  in this area. But in these uncertain, tumultuous times, it is time to take control and make the kind of world we want by replenishing what we consume and supporting demonstrably sustainable companies. Because with great consumption comes great responsibility.

Instead of relying on politicians to do the right thing and protect the earth, we can choose where to direct our dollars and show support for consciously produced quality products that help the earth, rather than harm it. We know to be a responsible consumer requires more effort and usually more money but the times of taking the easy way out are well past us. Every responsible purchasing decision is a statement that the earth still belongs to all of us. We currently may not have a voice in certain matters, but we can shout out with our wallets.

Let’s make the kind of world we want with chocolate (and more)! Tell us below what you are doing to help the earth in 2017. No act is too small.

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