Online Chocolate Tasting Event - Original Beans

Free Online Chocolate

December 8, 2022

You’re invited!

Join us for a Free Online Chocolate Tasting with a top flavour expert! On Thursday the 8th of December at 7 p.m.

Here's how you can join:

Simply stock up on your favorite chocolates in our online shop any time during November and you will automatically receive access to this exclusive event.

You’ll dive into the world of rare and delicious cacao, learn everything about our chocolate and how tree planting works.

We wish you lots of fun and enjoyment!

What chocolates will you need?

You can take part in the event no matter which Original Beans chocolate you have ordered. If you want to fully indulged, we recommend these bars:

  • Piura 75%
  • Udzungwa 70%
  • Virunga 70%
  • Esmeraldas 42%


  • Esmeraldas Vegan M!lk 50%
      (the vegan option if you don't consume dairy products)

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4.45 Incl. TaxAdd to cart


4.95 Incl. TaxAdd to cart


4.45 Incl. TaxAdd to cart



4.95 Incl. TaxAdd to cart

An event with Ted Steinebach

Originally from the Netherlands, Ted Steinebach is a pastry chef residing in New York City who travels the world to showcase food, music and art in a multidisciplinary style. Before coming to America, he worked as a patissier at ‘The Harbour Club Amsterdam’ and developed multiple desserts in a modern cuisine-style. Ted has seen what a 3 Michelin star kitchen is about and found his real purpose in life; to make beautiful food that is all about flavors and experiences. Join him for an unforgettable evening about flavour profile, impactful stories in our origins and much more.

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