New packaging - Original Beans


New Design, Same flavour

We proudly present: our new packaging! All our 70 gram bars have a new design and are now even more elegant, colourful and luxurious.

The heart of each bar is the hero of our conservation work from the region where the chocolate comes from. Because with every purchase of our award-winning natural chocolates you protect the forest home of threatened gorillas, parrots and elephants. Thank you for that!

Designed in California - inspired by nature.
Designed by American artist Kimberly Varella, the new packaging is printed on the world's most climate-friendly paper. So you can enjoy with a 100% clear conscience.

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Our product team at Original Beans poured their passion and know-how into launching the FIRST GARDEN-COMPOSTABLE PACKAGING in the chocolate industry.


All Colors Collection

For the launch of our new packaging, there is now a limited All Colors Collection with all our 8 bars in the new design. Enjoy the variety of our Original Beans chocolates yourself or gift it to someone special.

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