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Our rare ingredients

To our rare single varietal cacao beans, we only add raw cane sugar and in some cases cacao butter and milk powder. All of our cacaos comply to our Sourced By Original Beans standard. All additional ingredients of our rare organic chocolates are certified organic and directly traded.


The cacao comes from highly biodiverse regions in South America, Africa and Asia. At the ground, we cooperate closely and trade directly with the cacao farmers. The organic cacao for all our chocolates grows either wild in the rainforest or semi-wild as mixed crops but never in plantations. To highlight the special taste of the fine flavour cacao, we only produce single origin chocolates.


Cacao butter is the fat extracted from the cacao beans. The cacao butter used in all Original Beans chocolates stems from organic Trinitario beans from CONACADO, an organization of smallholder cacao farmers from the Dominican Republic. Usually cacao butter is filtered and deodorized to get a neutral, standardized product. CONACADO’s cacao butter is different: It is warmly roasted and then pressed unfiltered. Thus, it fits perfectly to Original Beans’ philosophy of preserving distinct aromas.


All Original Beans milk chocolates contain organic Swiss Alpine milk from cows that are raised predominantly on small but spacious farms with 30 cows or less. The highly bio-diverse terrain – from foothills to Alpine meadows – on which the cattle graze freely, contributes to the unique quality of Swiss milk. In return, the Alpine nature benefits from the cows who keep the soil fertile with their dung.

Since chocolate can only be made from dry substances, we use milk in powder form. To convert milk from liquid to powder, only water is extracted. No chemical pre- or post-treatment is applied here. Thus, only the state of aggregation changes but not the composition of the milk.


We use raw cane sugar, which is a sugar that is not carbonated or de-colorized, meaning that besides sucrose and small amounts of fructose and glucose, it contains all the important minerals of sugar cane. The negative impact on the world’s climate is 40% less than products made with beet sugar, which is usually used in sweets.

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