Piura Malingas - Original Beans



A special village cacao from Peru’s desert coastline

Born from the dry, desert valleys in Piura, Northern Peru, the ultra-rare Piura Malingas is a dazzling example of special, locally grown Peruvian cacao.

Piura Malingas 75% is here thanks to our intrepid Bean Team and partners. Our cacao hunter, Jan, came across the Malingas beans in 2014, and impressed by the richness of fruit flavor and nice acidity, he set out to see where the beans were grown. Jan was surprised to find that in the middle of a region known for its white cacao the beans of Malingas are not white at all. The next surprise came when he saw the families of Malingas village ferment their cacao beans with craft in front of their houses, rather than bring them to a central fermentation station.

Malingas farmers are rightfully proud about their excellent cacao skills and unique variety, dazzling as the butterflies resting in the shade of old and new Piura cacao groves.

Know your bean: Piura Malingas

The Piura Malingas is different morphologically from her sister, the Piura Blanco, in that it has a low percentage of white beans enclosed in highly furrowed and elongated pods. Both cacaos are old-grown landraces, as pure as they get, since no modern hybrid cocoas have been planted in this area.

One bar : One tree @Piura

The quality of the Piura Malingas cacao allows us to pay substantial incentives for sustainable cacao farming with high payouts per hectare. Our conservation strategy is implemented in partnership with Norandino, a regional farmer cooperative. In 2016 alone, more than 100.000 trees were planted. We also support the amazing conservation work of a youth organization in Puerta Pulache that has raised more than 20,000 cacao seedlings and more than 10,000 native forest trees! On the ground, we also

  • support the conversion of 200 hectares of arid degraded land to diverse cacao-agroforestry systems with a high water-holding and soil-enrichment capacity
  • help establish irrigation systems that capture and store limited seasonal rainfall from the Andes mountains
  • Partner for the protection of 2.800 hectares of dry forest, a habitat for the endangered puma and an astonishing diversity of birds and butterflies.

Want to follow the impact of this project? One bar : One tree : Go see

“Our cacao, our place!”

Luis, cacao grower in Piura, Peru

Piura Malingas

Dazzling Dark Chocolate

Notes of lemon, red berry and passionfruit sing out from this Rarest of Rare cacaos—another fruit of Piura—as dazzling as Peru’s delicate butterflies it grows among. One Bar : One Tree Each purchase of Malingas 75% preserves this dazzling cacao varietal beans and its butterfly companions.


70 g
Cacao percentage
Bean Origin
Peruvian Nacional
Ultra Rare
Gluten Free, Organic, Vegan
Help Farmers, Save Rainforests
Price (100g)
€ 7.79


Cacao mass*, direct-trade cacao butter*, raw cane sugar*, (*certified organic),

Average Nutritional Values

Per 100g		            

Energy:2434 Kj/581 kcal
Fat:45 g
of which saturated fat:28 g
Carbohydrate:42 g
of which sugars:24 g
Dietary Fibre:12 g
Protein:8 g
Salt:	0.03 g
Cholesterol:0.7 mg
Iron:	14 mg

Awards & Certifications

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