Go Plastic-Free - Original Beans

Beautiful world without plastic

In 2012, our product team at Original Beans poured their passion and know-how into launching the FIRST GARDEN-COMPOSTABLE PACKAGING in the chocolate industry. Even our small bars are paper-wrapped and our Chef’s Buttons come in biodegradable bags. Once our gastro bags are eco-packed, Original Beans products leave no unsustainable waste behind.

Wood fibres

to wrap chocolates

The Original Beans chocolate wrapper from woodfoil and cardboard REDUCES BY 82% the negative impact on the environment and human health compared to conventional aluminium foil and cardboard packaging.

Setting the bar

Original Beans chocolate bars are wrapped in the world’s most CLIMATE-FRIENDLY PAPER and the first certified GARDEN COMPOSTABLE FOIL.

Enzyme infused polystyrene

to protect shipments

We use eco packing chips to protect your shipments. Made from 100% recycled polystyrene to which enzymes are added during production, the material decomposes biologically into carbon dioxide, water and humus without persistent pollutants within 3 years.

Awards & Certifications

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