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world's first
couverture pack


As of now, you can receive Original Beans
rare organic couvertures in the world's first
compostable chocolate packaging for professionals.

Pure flavours   I   Rare Cacaos   I  Award-winning   I  Fair+  |   Climate +   I   Plastic-Free

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What it takes to make the best chocolate

Chocolate starts out on a fruit tree. Much like apples or oranges do. Except, we use the fruit's seeds (aka beans). By nature these seeds are destined to become a tree not your dessert. Thus they are hard and bitter. To make them into aromatic chocolate we get the “fruit into the seed”. This involves a complex process of selecting a tasty cacao variety, growing it in the shade of other trees, harvesting it when it’s perfectly ripe, then skillfully fermenting the seeds and drying them. Now, the seeds are being shipped to the mill, aka chocolate factory. Here, they get roasted, ground-up and stirred with raw sugar to turn into Original Beans chocolates. Then on to you, the professionals. We offer you the best of nature and the best in people, from grower to molder, all striving for excellence like you. Excellence, in our view, is just another word for sustainability. Together, let's taste the rare and preserve it.

Preferred by the world’s best chefs

In our ongoing mission to taste the rare and preserve it we are honoured to be the chocolate of choice for the world’s best chefs, patissiers, hotels and hobby cooks. Like the team at restaurant Mugaritz (left) a new generation of professionals are transforming the chocolate world for the better.

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Terroir, taste & origin

"Nowhere else has nature compressed such a store of the most valuable nutrients into such a small place as it has with the cocoa bean"
Alexander von Humboldt (1769-1859)

Original Beans chocolates are defined by the cacao tree varietal, its soil and climate, the harvesting practice, fermentation, drying, selection, storage, roasting, grinding, and conching. We need to get a lot of complex processes right, to offer you rare, pure flavours from a single cacao varietal. No blend of beans, no vanilla, no lecithins. Less is more.

Be climate+ and plastic-free

Since launch in 2010, Original Beans products have been restoring the climate. All of them are delivered climate-positive to you. All of them are wrapped in the world's first garden-compostable chocolate packaging. Together, we can do more!

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How can I help?

Do you have a question or suggestions about how to work with Original Beans chocolates? Ted Steinebach, former patissier at Eleven Madison Park*** looks forward to hearing from you.

E-mail him to

Interested in corporate gifting?

Whether you are looking for bespoke eco-luxe chocolates as turn-down, complimentary point-of-sale gift, loyalty reward or for any other exclusive occasion and gesture. We offer it all.

Awards & Certifications

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