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Flowery notes of tropical fruits and nuts
in this Nacional cacao balance gently like
the tree-hanging sloths under the canopy
of Ecuador’s last cloud forest.


Pure flavours    I     Rare Cacaos    I     Award-winning     I     Climate +     I      Plastic-Free

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What makes an award-winning chocolate?

At Original Beans we take care of each flavour and note. From fruit to refinement, the art of creating an exceptional chocolate compares to making the finest sweet wine. As we want to bring out the natural aroma of unique cacao bean varieties, Original Beans chocolates are free from additives such as emulsifiers (like lecithin), foreign fats (like palm oil), industrial sugar or aromas (like vanilla).

Preferred by the world’s best chefs

In our ongoing mission to make the best of worlds with the best of chocolates we are honoured to be the chocolate of choice for the world’s best chefs, patissiers, hotels and hobby cooks.

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Terroir, taste & origin

"Nowhere else has nature compressed such a store of the most valuable nutrients into such a small place as it has with the cocoa bean"
Alexander von Humboldt (1769-1859)

Our chocolate’s flavours are defined by the cacao tree varietal, its soil and climate, the harvesting practice, fermentation, drying, selection, storage, roasting, grinding, and conching. We need to get a lot of complex processes right to offer you pure flavour.

Be climate+

Since launch in 2010, Original Beans products have been restoring the climate. All of them are delivered CO2 NEGATIVE to our wholesale customers. We achieve this by climate-consciously designing our supply chain, REDUCING CO2 EMISSIONS AT EVERY STEP.

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How can I help you?

Do you have questions or suggestions about how to work with our chocolates? Feel free to contact Ted Steinebach, former patissier at high-end restaurant Eleven Madison Park*** in New York and Original Beans brand ambassador.


Interested in corporate gifting?

Whether you are looking for bespoke eco-luxe chocolates as turn-down, complimentary point-of-sale gift, loyalty reward or for any other exclusive occasion and gesture. We offer it all.

Awards & Certifications

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