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Do you know the four most effective climate strategies? Improve refrigeration (including air conditioning), use wind energy, eat less meat and more vegetables, and reduce food waste. Wow. Looking at these four, the hospitality industry can be in the lead on climate action! Since we know quite a lot about climate, food and forests, we can offer you to become your partner in the action. Together, we preserve the rare.

If your organization wants to take steps to protect the earth’s climate, we offer you a simple and direct way: protect the earth’s most valuable forests. In this way, you directly empower some of the world’s remotest people, cacao growers, in their responsibility to protect the great forests.



A beautiful world without plastic

Spearheading regenerative business practices our product team in 2012 poured their passion and know-how into launching the world's first eco-packaging for retail chocolates. In 2018, as the world was standing up against plastic pollution, our product team was at it again...

In 2020 we now offer our professional chocolates in the world's first compostable couverture bag for the provision to restaurants and hotels worldwide. Made from wood fibres it is natural, renewable and garden-compostable.

When you melt a piece of Original Beans chocolate, not only are you moments away from working with the rarest cacao beans in their purest form — you are breaking ground for trees. Scan the QR code on your bag or click to see them grow.

Track your Trees

Your Chocolate Foodprint

As Original Beans customer you have become a partner in direct cacao supply chains and leading the way to regenerative business impacts.

We summarize this joint impact in the Chocolate Foodprint, an aggregate impact report based on data we collect in the forests, field and factory. Contact us to request your own Chocolate Foodprint.

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