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for true craft makers


Rare  I  Pure  I  Organic  I Awarded  I  Fair+  I  Climate+  I  Zero Waste  I  One Bar : One Tree


Bio Foil Original Beans new

Rainforest Couvertures

Wild or tribal, always organic, our Rainforest Couvertures offer the world's most unique collection of rare cacaos. They are regenerative in every sense: pure, fair+, climate+, and compostable. Each bag grows ten trees, fully QR-traceable.


Simply Couvertures

"Simply don't worry..." Inspired by Bob Marley's song about three little birds we created three simple couvertures: white, milk and dark from our Esmeraldas origin. They are pure, fair+, and climate-neutral. Each bag grows three trees.

Fair prices cacao

Cacao Beans & Nibs

For those interested to craft with beans and nibs we open-source the best of craft cacaos under the ‘Sourced As Original Beans’ standard. Contact our Bean Team today for more at




How can I help?

Do you have a question or suggestion on how to work with Original Beans chocolates as a Maker?

Please email Vera Hofman here.

Awards & Certifications

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