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The world's most regional chocolates

Real chocolate is a heavenly food made from a hyper-nutritious seed, roasted to bring out its flavours, ground to a fine paste, and finally sweetened with sugars, preferably unrefined from the juice of sugar cane, or another plant sugar.

At Original Beans we do not blend beans. Each chocolate represents one unique cacao variety from a single terroir and grower community. As an Original Beans customer, you enter into a direct relation with those growers. Was it not for the distance, we'd call this hyper-regional. But don't worry about the distance. With the QR code on our compostable bags you can connect back to your growers. And thanks to organic agriculture and lots of tree planting, all our chocolates are climate-positive.

With the best beans our chocolates can be free from additives such as emulsifiers, foreign fats (like palm oil), industrial sugars or aromas (like vanilla). Their purity may initially feel different to work with. Here we offer some short information, tips & tricks, and FAQs on how to work with Original Beans.

"You can't make good chocolate out of lousy beans, but bad makers can certainly ruin a good bean".

Jan Schubert, Bean Team

Questions or problems?
Visit our FAQ & Troubleshoot-Section to find out what might get in your way of the perfect ganache, mousse or ice cream!

Why do you need to temper chocolate?

Tempering chocolate means bringing the chocolate up to the temperature at which you wish to work so that it contains sufficiently stable crystals. When tempered, the cacao butter is transformed into a stable crystalline form. This is what guarantees the hardness, shrinkage force and brilliance of the final cooled chocolate. The three factors that play a role during tempering are duration, temperature and movement. If you use one of the below techniques to bring the chocolate up to its temperature you will achieve the expected result.

Original Beans Tempering Information

For troubleshooting contact Ted Steinebach, who came from the Eleven Madison to join our team via professionals@originalbeans.com!

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