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Chocolate Bars

Original Beans chocolate bars offer rare variety: from large bars (70g) to tiny bites (12g & 4,5g), from bare white to 100% dark, they showcase the world's rarest cacaos from eight global bio- diversity hotspots. They are regenerative in every sense and fully traceable under the One Bar : One Tree Programme.


Chocolate Gifts

With exceptional care for craft and the earth, Original Beans chocolates offer rare gifts: intimate, valuable, delicious. They tell stories from the earth's rarest places and carry a promise to regenerate us and the world in every sense. Each gift grows trees under the One Bar : One Tree Programme.


Cacao Nibs

Bake. Cook. Share. Our nibs bring pure cacao joy to smoothies, hot chocolate, trail mix, cookies and more. To keep them full of nutrition and flavours from their rare origins, we roast whole beans and then carefully break them up. These tiny bits of goodness also make a great snack all on their own!




We support our retail products with a stellar craft brand that is fully traceable. In-store we offer displays of all sizes, shelf-fit mini brochures and further trade marketing. We love creative promotions that maximize added value to all involved. Our promo team has cross-promoted and sampled in hundreds of stores.

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Do you have a question or suggestion on how to work with Original Beans chocolates in Retail?

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