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Sourced As Original Beans -
A standard for the Best of Craft Cacao


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As we see more and more growers, buyers and chocolate companies engage on the questions of quality, trade and environment, we wanted to share guidelines for the best of craft cacao grown developed in over ten years of practice. We hope it helps the craft community to grow and prosper. We hope you join Sourced As Original Beans to grow together!

Sourced As Original Beans is a standard, but not a certification as of yet. The standard has guided our own sourcing and conservation work in biodiversity hotspots worldwide and has created solid impacts by preserving endangered forests and wildlife, reducing and insetting CO2, and empowering smallholder and indigenous grower communities.

The Sourced As Original Beans Standard is organized and informed by 10 principles which form an integral system and build on each other. In turn, they built on Requirements, which we define and measure per Principle.

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Native and traditional cacao varieties are disappearing worldwide due to the widespread dispersal of homogenous industrial cocoa hybrids. Sourced As Original Beans cacaos preserve and promote the inherited rare diversity of cacaos.

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Over the past 40 years, real-term world market prices for cocoa have trended down. Sourced As Original Beans cacaos trade outside of the commodity market in fairer direct-trade relations based on mutual trust and higher farmgate prices.

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Award-winning excellence is another word for sustainability. Sourced as Original Beans cacaos don't take shortcuts to maximize their benefit at the cost of customers, growers and the wider world. In one word: they strive for excellence in craft cacao. 

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With more respect and knowhow for the nature of cacao growing, farming, processing and handling focus on the bean and require less additive inputs and blending of beans. Sourced As Original Beans cacaos are produced as pure as possible.

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Given its proximity to rainforests the cacao industry has a unique chance to protect them. Sourced As Original Beans cacaos practice and promote the preservation of forests and their biodiversity. 

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Reducing greenhouse gas emissions and the impact from climate change is an important call of our time. Sourced as Original Beans cacaos practice and promote climate protection.

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The Ecological Footprint is a popular concept for measuring the environmental costs of consumption. Sourced As Original Beans cacaos measure and minimize the eco-footprint where possible.  

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Transparency and traceability are keystones of craft cacao. Based on these keystones, all Sourced As Original Beans cacaos publish their provenance and measure their impact.

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It's good to have an independent police that controls red lights when we are in a hurry. Sourced As Original Beans cacaos practice and promote independent certification.

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The work is never done and it is never done alone. Sourced As Original Beans cacaos commit to constant improvement and sharing of lessons learned for the best of craft cacao.




Since 2008 we follow our vision to grow the world's taste for preserving nature. We venture into remote rainforests to source the world’s rarest cacao beans and transform the culture of chocolate, food and luxury and carry forward our founder’s family tradition of sustainability that began 220 years ago when his forefather advised to preserve nature in such a way that future generations can experience her as we do today.

On our own we make regenerative products. But together we can make a world that regenerates what it consumes and preserves what's rare. That’s why we have created the Sourced As Original Beans Standard.

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How can I help?

Do you have a question about our Sourced As Original Beans Standard or want to work with it?

Please contact Jan Schubert from our 'Bean Team'.

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