Our Rare Techniques - Original Beans


What makes Original Beans Chocolate unique?

At Original Beans we take care of each flavour and note. From fruit to refinement, the art of creating an exceptional chocolate compares to making the finest sweet wine. As we want to bring out the natural aroma of unique cacao bean varieties, Original Beans chocolates are free from additives such as emulsifiers (like lecithin), foreign fats (like palm oil), industrial sugar or aromas (like vanillin). This also sometimes calls for a different approach in how to work with our chocolates. Find on this page not only relevant information on basic techniques in working with chocolates but also tips and tricks on the specifics of Original Beans chocolate.

Why and how to temper chocolate?

Tempering chocolate means bringing the chocolate up to the temperature at which you wish to work so that it contains sufficiently stable crystals. The three factors that play a role during tempering are duration, temperature and movement. With any of the below techniques you can achieve the perfect expected result.

Original Beans Tempering Information

Questions or problems?

Visit our Troubleshoot-Section to find out what might get in your way of the perfect ganache, mousse or ice cream or contact Ted Steinebach, who came from the Eleven Madison to join our team!

Awards & Certifications

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