Tempering in a microwave - Original Beans

Original Beans chocolates consistently
are preferred by the best chefs around the world.

Tempering in a micro wave

In order to melt your chocolate in a microwave, you have to “inoculate” the liquid chocolate with crystals (this method uses the already formed crystal of the solid chocolate to “seed” the melted chocolate). In other words: stirring solid chocolate into melted chocolate.

Stage 1
Pour some, but not all, of the Original Beans Chef Button's into a plastic or glass container, put it into a microwave oven and melt at 800-1000W. Take it out every 15 to 20 seconds and stir well so that the temperature of the buttons is even and the chocolate doesn't burn. Our Original Beans chocolate has slightly different temperature curves than you might be used to, so make sure to click he button below to double check temperatures in our temperature leaflet.

Stage 2
Repeat until the chocolate is completely melted. Keep a smaller part of the buttons for later.

Stage 3
Stop heating, pour the rest of the buttons and shake the mass well to ensure that all the chocolate particles disappear and you obtain a homogenous liquid mass that is slightly thick: the chocolate has been tempered and is ready for processing.


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