Mix & Match box - 10 bars - Original Beans

Mix & Match box – 10 bars

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Are you still missing the right gift for Easter, your next birthday or just for yourself? With our Mix & Match Limited Edition box, you’ll always give your loved ones the right gift! Put your favourite varieties together according to your mood. For chocolate gifts that not only please the palate, but also nature. Because for every bar we let a tree grow!

How it works:
-Select your 10 favorite Original Beans bars.
-Choose the mount of bars you want to include, for example:
5xCusco 100%, 2xBenis 66% and 3xEsmeraldas 42%
-Click over the Add to cart button below and proceed with the checkout.

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45.00 Incl. Tax

  • Biodiversity conservation
  • Direct trade and projects
  • Climate-positive foodprint
  • Favorite of the world's best chefs
  • Cusco 100% (Organic)

    Mighty cacao from the Machu Pichu area
    Cusco, Peru

  • Zoque 88% (Organic)

    Selva Zoque, Mexico

  • Arhuaco 82% (Organic)

    Businchari, Colombia

  • Piura 75% (Organic)

    Peruvian Nacional

  • Virunga 70% (Organic)

    Virunga National Park, Eastern Congo (D.R.)

  • Udzungwa 70% (Organic)

    Udzungwa Park, Tanzania

  • Beni Wild 66% (Organic)

    Beni, Bolivia

  • Femmes de Virunga 55% (Organic)

    Virunga National Park, Eastern Congo (D.R.)

  • Esmeraldas 50% Vegan M!lk (Organic)

    Vegan m!lk
    Esmeraldas, Ecuador

  • Esmeraldas Milk 42% (Organic)

    Esmeraldas, Ecuador


700 g


From bare white till mighty dark.


Cacao mass* (DR Congo, Tanzania, Peru, Bolivia, Mexico, Colombia & Ecuador), Raw cane sugar* (Paraguay), Cacao butter* (Dom.Rep.), Whole Milk Powder* (Switzerland), Fleur de sel. *Certified Organic.

Average Nutritional Values

Please review the nutritional information from:

Cusco 100%
Zoque 88%
Arhuaco 82%
Piura 75%
Virunga 70%
Udzungwa 70%
Beni Wild 66%
Femmes de Virunga 55%
Esmeraldas Milk 42%

Silky Milk Chocolate Ice Cream “Femmes de Virunga”

Original Beans chocolates consistently are preferred by the best chefs around the world. Check some of their creations.

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