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Cacao Beans

Wild, tribal, native, always organic, Original Beans cacaos are the world's rarest. Together with growers, trade and manufacture we discover, select, plant, grow, harvest, ferment, dry, store, ship, clean, roast, grind, conch and temper these beans. We taste and test them with the best quality assurance system and grade them under the Sourced As Original Beans Standard.

Cacao butter

Cacao Butter

Cacao butter is the pressed and filtered fat from the cacao bean. The organic cacao butter we use in Original Beans chocolates comes from Trinitario cacao beans grown in the Dominican Republic. This butter is only slightly deodorized to keep the original cacao flavors. It fits perfectly to Original Beans’ philosophy of preserving distinct original aromas.

Fresh milk in the jug on the table

Organic Milk

Only healthy animals provide tasty and nutritious milk. The basis for this is organic feed and animal-friendly husbandry. The Bio Suisse standards are particularly strict in this respect. They stipulate that ruminants - i.e. cows, sheep and goats - eat at least 90 percent roughage on the farms. Swiss organic standards are the world's highest and the quality of our Swiss organic milk compares to none.

Raw cane sugar

Raw Cane Sugar

Our cane sugar comes from La Felsina, a leading organic and fairtrade cane sugar mill. "Raw" means that this sugar has not been carbonated or decolorized. Thus it still contains all the important minerals of sugar cane. Cane sugar has 40% less impact on the world's climate than beet sugar which is mostly used in chocolates.


Chocolate is the product of a fruit that grows on a tree. Sounds familiar? Well, think of apples, pears, cherries, about any fruit you can think of. And now imagine eating not the fruit, but the seed! That’s what we do when we eat chocolate. Like all seeds, the cacao seed is full of life giving energy (and tastes of nothing much). Pure chocolate is pure superfood.


2019-04-14_OB_blog_Chocolate is food

When we make chocolate from the world’s rarest, most delicious cacao beans, our recipes practice the art of less. We use less ingredients than any other chocolate maker, roast only full beans at ultra-low temperatures, and conch in our dedicated small batch machine. Delicious as our chocolates are, they are free from cacao blends, lecithins, vanilla, cheap sugar, untraceable cacao butter, industrial milk, and all the rest you will find in other chocolates.


Our chocolates' flavours are defined by the cacao tree varietal, its soil and climate, the harvesting practice, fermentation, drying, selection, storage, roasting, grinding, and conching. Also by the additional ingredients such as butter, sugar and milk. We need to get a lot of complex processes right to offer you pure flavour. Now you only have to take your chocolate moment, let it melt and enjoy!

liquor in chonch
...aka Cacao Bean Mill

Based in Amsterdam, the world’s leading cocoa harbour, we ship and store all of our cacao beans here. They then travel down the Rhine to one of Switzerland’s oldest manufactures, Max Felchlin AG, where we roast, grind and stirr (aka conch) them, following a tradition of chocolate craft that dates back 150 years but also includes the most modern technologies.

cacao pod visual small


Like most fruit seeds, the cacao seed defends itself against being eaten. It wants to become a new tree, not our dessert. It tastes hard and bitter. So how do we get it smooth and delicious? We need to get the “fruit into the seed”. First, we select a tasty cacao variety, then grow it in the light shade of other trees, harvest it when it’s perfectly ripe, and then skillfully ferment the seeds and dry them.

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