Original Beans team - Original Beans

We are the Beans, a team of enterprising professionals across the world. We are full of beans and we are on the bean. We count beans, we don’t spill beans and we know more than beans. Want to work with us?

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Anders Saxbol

Bean Team Sales

Erick Lolwako

Bean Team Congo (IDAD)

Eva Polakovicova

Graphic Design

Gijs van Boxtel

Finance & Operations

Harald Sorst

Head of Retail

Hilde de Beule

Bean Team Africa

Ignacio Carmona

Ignacio Carmona

Digital Growth

Ivana Oven

Retail Spain & Portugal

Jan Schubert

Bean Team Americas

Katrin Becht

Press & Partnerships

Kimberly Varella

Brand & Product Design

Litman Espinoza

Bean Team Peru

Nina Conrady

Trade Marketing

Marta Kiss

Operations & Logistics

Patrick von Vacano

Hospitality Europe

Philipp Kauffmann

Founder & Chief Grower

Richard Scott

Hospitality UK

Sepp Schönbächler

Maitre Chocolatier

Stefan Winter

Hospitality Spain & Portugal

Ted Steinebach

Hospitality USA

Vera Hofman

Products & Productions

Virginie Faure

Hospitality France

Vivian Grosse

Retail Customer Support

Awards & Certifications

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