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Ted Steinebach

“The first Original Beans I ate was Cusco 100% – I literally cried from euphoria! Truly the Patek Philippe of chocolate!”

Sustainable modern patisserie

Originally from the Netherlands, Ted Steinebach is a pastry chef residing in New York City and travels the world with Vervool experiences: a multidisciplinary show that combines Food, music and art. With Vervool, Ted and his wife and musician Vivienne Aerts create in the moment, together as a whole: while Ted creates an edible painting using haute cuisine molecular techniques, he gets inspired by the soundscape created by Vivienne, who in her turn is improvising to his movements. Using her voice, loops, iPad apps and a synthesizer she creates a full orchestra by herself, resulting in an ever-changing and newly improvised piece. The artwork is only temporarily: it’s made to be eaten, giving the audience an essential role in the performance.


by Ted Steinebach

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Inspired by sound- guided by taste

Ted came to New York to work as a patissier at high-end restaurant Eleven Madison Park***– currently one of the best restaurants of the world. Here he has seen what a 3 Michelin star kitchen is about and found his real purpose in life; to make beautiful food that is all about flavors and experiences. Ted started his career as a baker after which he started working in hotels and restaurants. Before coming to America, he worked as a patissier at ‘The Harbour Club Amsterdam’ and developed multiple desserts in a modern cuisine-style. In the Netherlands, he is also known for his exclusive brand of filled chocolates ‘bonbons’ under the name ChocoTed with flavors like Lagavulin Whisky, Lapsang Souchong and Flavors of Tangier.


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