Tempering in an icebath - Original Beans

Original Beans chocolates consistently
are preferred by the best chefs around the world.

Tempering in an icebath

Stage 1 
Melt our Original Beans Chef's Buttons very gently on a bain marie. Make sure to take off heat if necessary.

Stage 2 
The most natural way to bring the temperature down is to take it off the heat and leave at room temperature for a while.

If you are running out of time though, you can cool the chocolate faster by using a second bowl with ice and water. Place your bowl of chocolate in the ice bath for 15 seconds (no water must touch the chocolate). Take it out and stir vigorously. Check the temperature with your thermometer. If it needs to cool more but back briefly on the ice bath. When it’s almost at the right temperature let it cool naturally.

Stage 3

To heat up your chocolate to processing temperature, leave your bowl of chocolate 30 seconds on an bain marie bath. Take off and stir vigorously. Check the temperature, then put back on the bain marie if necessary. When getting near to your temperature just leave 5 seconds on the bain marie before stirring and checking.


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